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China Babies Adoption Research
China Babies Adoption Research

Saturday, June 07, 2008

5 Baby Pictures ASAP!!!

Dear adoptive parent, we are excited to tell you about a new service we will be offering soon.

While our Update and History Reports are continuing to grow in reputation and demand, we have noticed that there are alot of Mommies out there who really would like a quick simple update on their baby in the form of pictures without having to wait for a full research report.

So we have come up with what we think is a great idea:

The Wittle Baby Pic Update.

This is a simple no frills package of 5 current pictures of your baby.

Thats it in a nutshell. The simplicity of this will allow us to process these packages much faster than our traditional reports, and while they do not include the thoroughly detailed research we conduct in our normal reports, they will give you the visual peace of mind that your baby is doing "ok".

How do I get started you might ask?

At the moment you cant get started yet because we are still putting together the pieces of this package and need to set up all our website info etc. to support this program as well as get our staff geared up to handle the demand for this.

BUT, I wanted to get this out to you all so you knew what we had planned and to watch for it as it gets going.

I am thinking we will do the first 5 requests for this free of charge, so who ever replies first (do not try and sign up for this yet, we will set up a sign up link and email you about it when its up if you are subscribed to our newsletter!), but only so we can pilot what the final product will look like and get the system working cleanly. After that we will likely offer this service at around $125.00.

Stay tuned and watch your email for notice of when this service goes live!

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