China Babies Adoption Research

China Babies Adoption Research
China Babies Adoption Research

Friday, August 10, 2007

Get Your "Baby Pic Fix"

I am perfectly aware of the needs for the "Baby Pic Fix" for adoptive parents who are in the process of adopting and are waiting to go pick up their baby.

This entry is simply to provide an index of links to all the galleries we have posted. I will update this entry every time we upload new pics.


If you would like to have your baby pics hosted with us we do so free of charge and we will be happy to create galleries of your cutie for you!

Family Galleries
Alexander Family
Weiss Family
Heather and Jillian
Kai April 2007
Kai June 2007
Shelby and Family
Alex and Ella
Shelby Ann
Kai with Bootie Feet

Orphanage and Foster Family Galleries
Madelines Foster Mommy

Kai - On His Trike

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