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Friday, May 09, 2008

The Top 5 Reasons For The Slowdown in Adoptions from China

We have been asked recently by one of our clients to look into the reasons for the recent slowdowns in adoptions from China, and the increased wait times.

This is the information that we have been provided by one of our partners in China.

She actually predicted this happening about two years ago. These are the reasons she states for what is currently happening with adoptions from

1. With the Olympics coming and many foreigners heading to China, it is an issue of "saving face" in China. They feel it reflects poorly on their country that they have so many orphaned children, and so many international adoptions. They do not want to portray that image to the international community.

2. With so many girls being adopted out of China, there is a serious imbalance in the gender ratio in China and they are becoming aware of the long term problems this will create.

3. China has raised the standards foreign families must comply with. More stringent requirements including income, marital status, health standards, etc. have made it more difficult for parents to qualify to adopt through China.

4. There is an increase in domestic adoptions in China. More families in China are choosing to adopt from through the Chinese adoption system, and they are of course given first priority to adopt over an international adoption.

5. Because the Chinese economy is doing much better than in the past, the standard of living is improving over there. Many abandoned babies used to come from the villages. Because of the improved economy, the families in the villages are now keeping their babies, instead of abandoning them. The number of abandoned babies is decreasing significantly. Many of the babies still being abandoned have health issues, which most adoptive families don't want.

Based on all of the above info, our partner indicates that the amount of children adopted internationally will continue to decline and the wait times will be much longer.

She couldn't predict numbers or length of time for wait, but said it is unlikely that it will return to what we have seen in the past.

Misty: "I hope this helps those who are wondering. I am sorry for those in the wait period, I remember how hard that time was for me. I pray those of you waiting are able to get a referral soon and able to get your child before it gets any worse."


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